How to get VISA for participation on Pardubice Open - International Karate Lions Cup 2020


Please start all these steps at least 2 months before competition.


1. Send us list of all participants

Please send list of all participants from your team (competitors, coaches, referees, …) to This list must contain:

2. Register all competitors on to categories

  • Register all your competitors to categories on
  • Our embassy in your country will check all names and compare them with list of names from your team on registration page.

3. Make reservation of accomodation

  • Make reservation of accomodation and ask for confirmation of reservation.
  • We can recommend you official hotels.
    (Reservation in oficial hotels is possible only with reservation fee to hotel account.)

4. We will prepare you invitation letter

  • We will send you invitation letter by email for your team for our embassy in your country.
  • If you need the printed version of invitation letter please let us know as soon as possible.

5. We will contact our embassy and Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • We will contact our embassy in your country. We will send them complete list of your team and letter with explanation that your team is important participant on Karate Lions Cup.
  • We will also ask our Ministry of Foreign Affairs for cooperation with getting VISA for your team. They will contact also our embassy in your country and explain them that you are important participant on our international competiton.

6. Ask our embassy for VISA interview

  • Ask our embassy in your country for VISA interview.
  • Please be realy kind and patient during all comunication with our embassy – it will be realy helpfull for your VISA process.

7. Go to VISA interview with all documents ready

  • Be there on time.
  • Take all documents:
    – invitation letter (from us)
    – confirmation of reservation of accomodation
    – confirmation of reservation of your flight tickets
    – complete list of your team (must be with same persons like invitation letter)
    – print out list of your competitors and officials from registration on
    (all competitors must be on invitation letter)

8. Let us know how is it going

  • Please let us know how is it going after VISA interview and during whole VISA process.
  • We can help you during your VISA process if you let us know how is it going. 😉

Questions, problems?

  • Do not hesitate to contact us in any case of questions or problems.
  • We will help you as much as we can from our side. 😉